Thursday, February 26, 2009


I guess I need to let you all know that I am doing better.

I've been enjoying some healthiness lately, and I've been so 'busy' I haven't been able to go to the blog that I reserve for complaining!

So the new treament, CIMZIA, is working!

Praise GOD! Praise GOD! Praise GOD!

I had a reaction to the injections (no big surprise there)....and it was a pretty awful 2 1/2 days....BUT!.....the medicine is working.

I still have diarrhea, and lack of bowel control, but I do not feel "SICK". Hard to explain. But I can tell the difference. Haven't had any fish hooks since then. Plus, I will always have diarrhea and lack of bowel control. I now have 'short gut syndrome', as a result of having a bunch of my guts removed. But hey.......God has granted me peace about it, and I am just so blessed at having another chance at 'life'. Cimzia treatment is on Tuesday. I will be pre-loading with Benadryl, in the hopes of averting or minimizing a reaction.

For now......I'm back.

And I am oh so very grateful.


  1. I'm happy to hear the medicine is having a positive affect. Hopefully the next treatment will be easier to take.

  2. ok this is good. I hope it stays good as I read on