Thursday, January 6, 2011



I haven't gone away. Don't worry. You're stuck with me. For now.

I'm being rather quiet. Shocking. I know.

I'm reflecting.

On the past 30 days, and the rage, and the range of emotions, and digging deeper...... the whole conundrum.


Quiet and reflecting.

Focusing on my health (another blog forthcoming),

Focusing on my pirates and their homework and their projects and their extra curricular activities and their loose teeth and their too long hair and their every growing need for shoes....and....

Life as we know it.

I've realized that everything I've ever publicly reported is basically this thing called 'life'. I justn't haven't been able to wrap around the enormity of my 'life' vs. the minisculity of someone else's 'life'.

And during my reflection, I just wonder, sometimes out loud to God.

'I know there are reasons. I know YOU know what you're doing. But I don't know why. And I really wish that maybe perhaps sooner rather than later, that you could hand the ball of to to someone else. We/I have been holidng it for a very long time now. Could ya maybe give the ball to another a ball carrier, just for a little while? So maybe they could learn some of the play by play?


That's been my today's reflection.


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  1. I would totally hold the ball for you for a while friend although I think I would have to juggle it with my own. Prayers always for you.