Monday, March 2, 2009


is working.

Three whites and two blues.


One more day.



  1. I found your blog from the riggs and i too have been having problems with my stomach. I been in the hospital multiple times in the last 4 years and no one knows what is wrong. I have went through multiple pain meds and so many anti- nausea medicine. [most of which i am allergic to or are just not helping] I have just turned 17 and been dealing with this since i was 12. None of my doctors seems to know what is wrong and just recently i was looking up crohn's disease.

    How did you find out you had it?

  2. Cayle:
    I'm so glad you found my blog.
    It took several years to get a diagnosis. Finally, I had a bowel obstructiont that caused a near fatal infection. That's how the finally diagnosed me. March, 2000.
    You need to find a gastroenterologist in your area. If I were you, I would go to, and search their physician websites (that's how I found my God-given doctor).
    Please keep in touch me with me....let me know if I can help.
    Don't give up until you get a diagnosis. That's the best advice I can give you. Keep after them. Even if it's not Crohn's, keep on trucking. It sucks, but having the diagnosis, no matter what it is, becomes a relief, because at least then you know what you're facing.
    I will answer any and all questions that you have, and will help you in any way that I can (keep in mind, I am not a doctor or a nurse, just a 'professional patient').
    My prayers are with you as you battle through this.