Monday, April 27, 2009

Belittled and Bewildered

Doctor Hank called at 830 pm.

I love my doctor.

How many doctors call their patients themselves, at 830 pm on a Monday?

MINE does!

Moving on....

The abdominal CT results are in...

Hold on to your seats.....this one could be a wild ride.

I have an ovarian cyst that was NOT seen in March during my tubal procedure.

It was also NOT on my last CT scan that was done in January.


Or in true Heather Fallon fashion -


Doctor Hank told me 'get this taken care of right away'. Okay, dude, I got it. I'll call THAT doctor tomorrow.

In addition, according to Dr. Hank, I have unusual lymph node 'activity' (WHAT THE FUCK?) in the abdominal area. Huh?

Oh yeah, and one more thing.

We reviewed my current status, pain level, symptoms, etc.

Dr. Hank said, (AND I QUOTE) "I don't mean to belittle you, but your symptoms do not correspond to your scan."



Let's recap:

Ovarian cyst that just sprouted to life in the past 30 days
Unusual lymph node activity in my abdomen
Anecdotal symptoms that do not match scientific fact

Here we freaking go again.

Nothing is easy for me. Not even math.


My only question is, which fire do we fight first? Does it even matter?

Please pray for me as I am about to descend into mis-diagnosed, un-diagnosed, obscure-chronic-illness- HELL.

To be continued.


  1. Oh hell!

    Did I ever tell you about the quack doctor I saw in Baltimore who told me that I couldn't possibly be having a gall bladder attack because my pain was on the wrong side? Yeah. He said I should just take the Pepto Bismol and get some rest until the food poisoning went away. When I told him he was wrong, he said I was more than welcome to go to the emergency room, which I did. When the docs in the ER were finally able to diagnose me (they needed to do a blood draw first, which took three hours, two techs, and the head of the phlebotomy department), they determined that I had, wait for it, gall stones! I needed to have my gall bladder removed very soon. (It took three weeks to get it scheduled, but it came out!) Getting my referral from my quck doctor's office wasn't nearly as much fun as it could've been. I never saw quack doctor again.

    Oh yeah. Still bitter.

    Hugs to you! As always, holler if you need us.

  2. But wait....with this Ginsu knife, you get a FRUIT JUICER

    I ALSO have a mass on my left kidney.


    Put another log on the pity pile!