Saturday, April 25, 2009


Not much to report.

Had the CT scan on Thursday.

No results yet.

I'm still a 7 on the pain scale. With moments of 9. Awesome.

I am less miserable. Which I think is a result of getting used to the suffering, not that the suffering has subsided. It's a time/space/suffering continuum. Awesome.

The only thing that helps is eating. Strange. So now I'm shoving food in my piehole like there's no tomorrow. So in addition to being sick, I'm getting fat. Awesome.

I am also experiencing circulation problems in my legs and arms. My legs feel like they each weigh a hundred pounds. My hands and arms tingle with the slightest bit of inactivity. I am silently wondering if my AVN is rearing its ugly head (which was only diagnosed in my knees), or if this is another autoimmune problem, or something else we haven't seen before. Awesome.

The arthritis in my spine has exacerbated. When I bend over, or get up after sitting or sleeping, it is excruciating. I have to stand at a 45 degree angle for a few minutes, to ease my self into the vertical position. I look like a hundred year old woman, all bent and hunched over. Awesome.

Hopefully I will hear from my doctor on Monday, with CT results, and some sort of 'plan'.

(For those of you who don't 'know' me, the AWESOMEs in my post are sarcastic).

That's all I got.

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