Thursday, June 18, 2009


One of my most favorite words in the English language.


I have others too.




I think you get the drift.

So here is my conundrum, today.

I have pain.

No news there.

Not so-horrible-I-want-to-stick-a-hot-poker-in-my-eye-in-the-hopes-of-releasing-endorphins-pain, but significant pain nonetheless.

And I have pain meds.

Good ones, if you know what I mean.

They take the pain away.

But sometimes, they make me mean. (Or Mean-er, if you ask my husband).

And sometimes, they make me depressed.

And I have meds for that too.

And no, I really and truly believe that I do not have a prescription drug addiction problem. I would say that most definitely, I am a drug USER, but I don't think I am a drug ABUSER.

So the conundrum is.....

Take the pain meds and be comfortable and sometimes mean,

Or don't take the pain meds and be uncomfortable and irritably mean?

Or do whatever I want until Monday, when I finally meet with a pain management specialist in the hopes that we can get all my different pains in all my different areas treated with different meds?

And therein lies the conundrum.

Monday is four days away.

I think my family can endure four more days of some level of meanness.

At least I'm hoping they can.

Heckfire, maybe I'm just mean all the time, but I only notice it when I take the drugs???

Do NOT answer THAT!

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  1. Do what you need to do to be comfortable until Monday. I'm sure they can handle a mean mommy at least until then! I am a mean mommy too, just ask my kid! ha