Thursday, August 6, 2009


I got nothing better to say.

Then why the heck would I post?

I dunno.

It's my damn blog.

Just felt like it.

My knees and hips are throbbing.

Two Vicodin, Two Valium, Four Ibuprofen, a boiling hot jacuzzi bath, and a vibrating bed later, and they are still throbbing.

Because I have to take the steroids to get ready for Remicade on Monday.



Can't freaking wait!

Oh boy!

Okay, I will go away and shut my piehole now that I'm done complaining.

A whole bunch of a lot of damn good it does.

Which is why I try not to do it.

But it's just been a couple of those kinda days.

I'm done now.



  1. :( Sorry. . . hope you feel better soon. Aside from getting puffy face, do the steroids help at all? They make me feel pretty good. I have the munchies 24/7, my face is about as round as it could possibly get, and I can't sleep, but I do feel better. Hang in there.

  2. Hi Heather, Sorry you are hurting girl. Wish I could take some of that away for you. I LOVE your posts on the vacay. Especially the last one. You are blessed with such a beautiful family. Hang in there, lots of heartfelt prayers heading your way...