Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watermelon Head

I'm alive today, thought you might want to know.

So today I am working on the computer, getting sleepy, will probably nap and read some.

I always keep my day after Remicade 'empty', so that I don't have to worry about anything.

Billy took care of the kids this morning, he's got the boat guy coming this morning to see what's wrong with it, and then he will take Jake to wress-a-ling practice tonight, so Reilly and I can just lay in my bed and watch tv together.

My voice is shot - side effects of all the benadryl and solumedrol (steroids), I am red and hot to the touch, but I do not have a fever.

Yesterday, Sue, my nurse, told me to take two benadryl before I went to bed last night, which I did, and to continue taking it today, round the clock until the reaction subsides.

I have started that already.

The reactions are most definitely better than they have been, and we've been tweaking it every time.

This time, I was in the bathroom across the hall, trying to pee, when the reaction started, and they didn't have a call button, so I stopped peeing, didn't even wash my hands, looked in the mirror and looked like I had a watermelon sized face the color of a tomato, and ran back to the lab while attached to my IV pole.

She was ready, stopped the Remicade, and administered all the meds, and waited about 45 minutes before starting again.

Is it weird that it feels better when she holds my hand throughout this whole process of hell?

Throughout the rest of the day, I would get fidgety or itchy, and she would add smaller doses of meds as she felt accordingly.

We'll get there.

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  1. Oh Heather, I'm praying for you. Rest up and take care of yourself!