Monday, September 21, 2009

No Pee For You!

I made the cut.

Dr. Pain trusts me.

I don't have to take drug tests when I go to get my meth anymore.

That would have been good information to have BEFORE I drank eleventy bottles of water in 6 minutes so I'd have enough pee.

But I won't complain.

We are working very well TOGETHER, Dr. Pain and I.

I talked to her about the breakthrough pain, and she increased the amount of methadone pills in my prescription, and told me just to add a dose here and there if and when I need it (again, don't worry, I am on a 2.5 mg dose - VERY SMALL), and if that didn't work, she would consider adding an additional nerve pill that alleviates my duodenal stomach pain next time.

All in all, easy peasey visit, didn't have to pee, nice to have a doc who doesn't think I'm a crackhead, and I'm all methed up and ready to go for another month.

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