Friday, December 4, 2009

The Fifties


I know!

Can you hardly believe it?

With all the steroids and laying around?

And that I haven't shaved my legs in three or four days (which counts for at least 3!)


What is this crack whore talking about?

Oh, yeah!


The Fifties!

She's back in the Fifties again!


158.5 on the scale!




I guess I forgot to mention that I actually tipped 165 pounds (that would be ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE POUNDS for you visually impaired individuals) BEFORE the dreaded turkey day.

And yes, I ate my turkey and my mashed potatoes and my sweet potatoes and my awesomely scrumptious Paula-Deen-stolen-but-call-it-my-own-Corn Casserole and my very own Pumpkin Puddin' Pie and my Mama's pumpkin pie which I usually skip but this year it was quite delectable, especially since I ate one whole ENTIRE pie covered in REGULAR Cool Whip.

So yeah, I'm guessing the weight gain really WAS water retention or a drug reaction, and that the prescribed meds to correct such abnormalities really DID their thing.

I'm not going to ask how.

I am not going to ask why.

I am merely going to be thankful that I didn't have to go buy some size 12 Divas, that the size 10s are going to be A-O-Kay!

But no matter what, it's great to be:


Hold on, FORTIES, here I come!


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