Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We are headed to a general surgeon consult in Clermont tomorrow at 830 am.

Praise God....

Dr T. was awesome.

Not ruling anything out....pancreas/liver/heart/PID/Crohn's.....apologized profusely that he didn't have an immediate answer for us.

Said the stainless steel coils could be plausible.

Said that all the imaging tests I have had may not show the whole picture.

Did not dismiss my pain as imaginary.

Treated me like a real person.

Wrote a script for some Valium so hopefully I can rest.

Still waiting for OB GYN to call me back....

Onward we trudge.


  1. oh happy day~I wish you the very best girl

  2. Good luck tomorrow. Hopefully it is the coils. After all, they've ruled out just about eveerything else but anal probes by aliens. (The little green kind from outer space, not the doctors working for the government disability agency.)

  3. "but anal"

    Huh huh, I wrote "but". And then I wrote "anal".