Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daktir Oknahd and the Descent Into Indian Madness


Everyone is already painfully aware of my painful circumstance.

All I have been trying to do is put out the fire in my stomach. Nothing seems to be working. I might get an hour or two of respite, but that's it.

I am headed to Doctor Primary in the morning. I will not be denied an answer, another option.

In the meantime, I had to go for my independent observation by a psychiatrist for my disability application.

So there I go.

To Daktir Oknahd.

(Please note that this is my blog, and I reserve the right to be stereotypical or offensive. If you don't like it, go the hell away.)

So Daktir Oknahd says to me: "Aaaaah... You ha brane inyuree?"

GIRL WITH FIRE IN HER GUT: "No. I do not have brain injury."

Daktir Oknahd: "Aaaahh.....No?"

GIRL WITH FIRE IN HER GUT: "No. I have Crohn's Disease."

Daktir Oknahd: "Aaaahh......ehhhhh????? You ha brane inyuree?"

GIRL WITH FIRE IN HER GUT ABOUT TO PUMMEL HER FISTS INTO THE FACE OF DAKTIR OKNAHD: "Hello? I have Crohn's Disease. Intestines? Inflammatory Bowel Disease? Hello? Are you a doctor? Or did you just stay at the Islamabad Holiday Inn Express last night?"

Daktir Oknahd: "Aaaahh......" (and then she wrote down the following)

brain injury? corns disease?

We proceeded with this "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.....ehhhh????" nonsense for 15 minutes or so.

She asked me if I ever wanted to harm anyone. I lied. Since yes, I wanted to harm HER....but I told her No.

She asked me if I ever wanted to hurt myself. I told her of course not, I just wanted to feel BETTER. Why would I want to hurt MORE?

She insisted that she had to ask these questions of everyone, that she was only doing her job.

When I told her about my condition, my surgeries, my treatments, she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

When I said I was on a medication that HAD TO BE INFUSED....she made me write the words down.

I pointed to my veins in my arm, and said, "Hello???? I....V....?????"

Daktir Oknahd said, "I....V.....M.....?"





I don't think this "MD" had ever heard of Crohn's Disease.

Since people in Dubai don't get it. Duh.

Is this my life?


Is this my life?

Is this a bad television episode?


  1. Hi Heather,

    I wrote on your blog about a week ago. I too have Crohn's disease and am on the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet). It has been working really well for me so far and I've only been on it for 2 months. There is a ton of info. on it on the Internet or you can e-mail me at j_vanblaricum@yahoo.com if you want to talk to me further. You should really give it a try, it has worked wonders for me.

  2. I can't believe you're not already on disability. And count on them giving you a big FAT NO to begin with. It semms like thats what they do to everyone at first. So don't get discouraged. I wonder what the report from THIS particular "Doctor" will do for you, geez-unbelievable.