Friday, December 17, 2010

The Angel Moroni


For those of you who don't know, my foursome took the trip of a lifetime last year, and drove 8,000 miles, 23 states, in 40 days.

To say the least, it was totally awesome.


In one of our stops in the Southwest (Arizona? Nevada? New Mexico?), I discovered a Book of Mormon in one of our hotel room drawers.

No Bible.

It's not as if I ever go searching for the work of the Gideons when I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I don't.

And it's not that I don't own a Bible or read a Bible, cuz I do.

I was just opening a drawer to unpack our suitcases.

Granted, this was my first time in Warren Jeffs' country, but I had never, ever been in a hotel room with a Book of Mormon in the drawer.

For some crazy, (oh, most definitely crazy, cuz I'm crazy on the loonar scale, big time), I grabbed that Book of Mormon like a hot poker and threw it in the trash.

Two Swords screamed, "What are you DOING?"

I replied that I thought I was doing what God would want me to do, and I was just taking care of it for him.

Two Swords swore that I was going to be struck down by lightning. Actually he said something like, "Someday, this one is going to come down and BITE you in the ASS!"

I wasn't buying it.

Then he said, "How would YOU feel if someone made it their life's mission to go around to every hotel they stayed in and take the bibles out of all the drawers?"

I didn't argue with him.

The Book of Mormon stayed in the trash.

And my eyes stayed WIDE OPEN all night long.

Didn't sleep a wink.

Kept staring with one eye on the trash can, and one on the door.

As if the Angel Moroni himself were to come and pay me a visit in the middle of the night and be some kind of Death Eater and snatch up my soul.

But alas, dawn broke, the Book of Mormon was still in the drawer, and there was no lightning.


I had second, third abd forth thoughts.

And yes, went canvassing the grand canyon that is in facet with my life,

And now,




  1. What? I know you aren't Mormon?!?

  2. Sometimes the bite comes when we don't expect it. Is that what you are trying to say here Rojo? I would have done the same thing so don't feel bad.