Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You MIGHT Be An Alien.........


My own biological mother just wrote this to me in an email:

"If someone told YOU, YOUR life story, YOU might look at them like THEY were an alien."

Sit on that one for a second.

She wrote that to me in response to my telling her.......

that yesterday......

I met with a Christian counselor for the first time.

And as I was telling him my current story,

my last year's story,

my last three year's story,

my last 11 year's story,

and then of course,

my life story,

he took like 12 pages of notes,

ran out of ink in his pen,

switched pens,

wiped his brow,

and replaced his eyeballs with a new set he had in his briefcase because his orginal pair popped out of his freaking head as he looked at me like I was a six headed alien, while fashionably dressed, extremely well spoken and educated, cuter than a root (as my good friend Sally the Pilates instructor would say, even though I never new roots could be cute but whatever, she's a real southerner while I just pretend to be one),

but a six headed alien nonetheless.

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  1. Ok, wow. No shit? I'm just getting caught up here... you're pregnant? Can I be a complete dumb ass and ask how this effects your health?

    My baby girl was a surprise baby and it makes me sick to say it now, but I wasn't real excited when I found out... especially after the flare last year being my first flare experience. I didn't want to potentially go through that again. I didn't think I even wanted more kids, but she is beyond a blessing and I know now that God knew what was in my heart even if I didn't want to admit it.

    Heather, all I can say is that you will be in my prayers, as always, and now I will add this little one to my prayers as well.